Flappy Neon

Probably most of you hate Flappy Bird and all of his clones;
but this game is so addictive that I could not help developing my own version!
I'have added some new features as increasing speed and moving obstacles after a certain score!
how long will you survive?


Dodge ever changing waves of triangles to collect squares before your combo meter hits 0!testing your dexterity, patience, pattern recognition and focus.

Need Water

Need Water is a new challenging game like the where is my water game. Dig through the ground and try to get the water (and oil) to the factories. Destroy stones and control the liquids. The water should be guided to the water factory and the oil to the oil factory.


Flash-Cycle is a multiplayer version of the classic game inspired by the motion picture Tron, as well as the video games Snafu and Snake. It's fun and addictive - the concept of the game is simple, yet it takes skill to play. Just watch the pros go at it.


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