Square Connect est un mélange entre le Mahjong , Tetris et Meteos.
Des blocs tombent du haut de l'écran et forment une pile.
Ces blocs sont colorés et portent un symbole.
En cliquant sur deux blocs semblables, le premier bloc rejoint le second.


could draw all kinds of shape by the wall. and the wall could block water. the air could blow water.

Memory Lightning

Memory is a supercharged lightning memory that will boost your memory! with the help of Memory boy, your coach, you can play 4 Memory Games with a completely new approche.You have few time to memorize the grid. And that changes everything !
- for tablet and phone devices

Scrap Metal

Presenting Scrap Metal! You are in charge of a robot boxer working his way through the boxing circuit. You manage the Comeback Kid, robo boxer in training. 30 rounds of boxing! 30 robot arms to earn and upgrade with. Dialog from your beloved trainer Pops! What are you waiting for?

Run Student

Russian student life is hard and full of danger.
Imagine that you prostulis with wild hangover and are late for an important lecture.
Forward and good luck, beware of the dangers lie in wait for you.
You must jump through the open hatches,

Typo Runner

Run against 7 opponents in this fun filled racing game.

By using speed and accuracy, type your way to power-ups and rush past your competitors.

4 Levels of difficulty from beginner to pro.

All-in-One Mahjong 2

All-in-One Mahjong 2 is an addicting solitaire game where player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.
• Two game modes: Time mode (with shuffle ability, match all pairs as soon as possible), Score mode (no shuffle, play until you win or lose).
• 48 NEW layouts!


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